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Treatment Options

This is a very exciting time in the development of treatment for Dupuytren’s contracture. Traditionally, a major operation was the main treatment available for correction of these contractures. In the last decade, additional options have become available in the United States,. At the Hand Center at Cascade Orthopaedics, we can utilize any of these tools as needed to individualize patient care.

The choice of treatment method depends on several factors. One thing to understand about Dupuytren’s patients is that while many are similar, all are unique. The disease process can manifest itself in different ways and take different forms. Furthermore, each individual’s hand and disease can react differentlyto different treatments. Accordingly, each affected hand is more or less a candidate for different treatment options.

For those who are a candidate for more than one type of treatment method, other factors are considered. Each method has pros and cons. Variables include recovery time, success rates, recurrence rates, risks, and expense. Also, the number of affected digits may affect choice.

It is important that patients understand well their options; pros and cons, risks and benefits.  Patients need to be an active member of the treatment team, which may include the doctor, patient, therapist and family.

There are currently three main treatment options:

1.Needle Aponeurotomy (no-incision procedures for cutting and releasing the tight cords)

2.  Open surgical excision of the diseased tissue (traditional surgery or open fasciectomy)

3. Xiaflex injection (enzymatic drug injection to break up the cords)

Each method has pros and cons that we can discuss in detail. Of course, if you wish to discuss these treatment options in detail as they pertain to your hand, we encourage you to make an appointment for consultation at the Hand Center at Cascade Orthopaedics at (253) 833-7750.